What We Offer?

We offer you solutions with the latest and most modern technologies in web design and programming.

Website and e-shop design and development

We offer individual solutions to help the business of our clients. Using our creativity and knowledge, we make sure that your digital presentation is unique.

Website and e-shop support

In order to develop successfully, you need to attract new customers and keep their interest in the long run, which is why support is extremely important.

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Marketing and advertising

We work together to create your online personal marketing strategy based on individual business goals.

Video shooting with a drone

We produce advertising, corporate and presentation videos shot with the latest generation of flying equipment.

SEO optimization

We help you with the overall process to achieve effective results for ranking your website in the search engine of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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Because we are creative

We love what we do

We have visionary ideas

We offer unique solutions

Who we are?

PCS Ltd. (PCS) was established in 1997 in Plovdiv. In 2006 PSS Ltd. (PCS) became a partner in the newly established company Computel Plovdiv Ltd. (Computel). The new company offers a wide range of IT services.

The PCS team of web designers and developers became part of the Computel family. The PCS brand is established and very recognizable on the market, which is why many of the new projects are still signed with the PCS brand.

The PCS team, now part of the new Computel company, includes people with years of experience in graphic design and web programming, as well as young, creative professionals. From this symbiosis we have a team using the latest and most modern technologies, with which we create precise projects that meet the needs and requirements of the client.

Our task is to orient the Client in the "sea" of Internet technologies, to build together the right strategy for presentation and promotion in the network of His company and to provide comprehensive support for the already finished site. Our goal is to offer high quality services that best represent our customers on the Internet and make them stand out from their competitors.


Dear friends, instead of enchanting you with beautiful words, we leave our projects to speak for us.

To Projects

What customers say about us


We are a small team with great capabilities, specializing in making personal and innovative solutions.


Complete solutions to help the online presentation of your business

Relying on the latest technologies and innovations in the field of web design, we offer solutions that distinguish our customers. Just as your business card shows who you are, so your website tells the rest of the world about you and what you offer. Using our creativity and knowledge, we make sure your digital presentation is unique, impactful and personal.
Website maintenance is one of the most important steps for your website or online store. This is necessary for the site to stay in the top positions in Google search. In response to the needs of our customers and their sites, we are committed to maintaining and updating the content so that it is always new and unique. Add up-to-date keywords to keep up with the ever-changing trends that Google requires when searching.
Based on our experience and knowledge, we offer comprehensive marketing and advertising services. We work together to create your online personalized marketing strategy based on your business goals, which will help you gain and engage your online community and make your business recognizable.
Getting to know your business and products on offer and a detailed study of the web competition in this industry, we offer individual solutions for SEO optimization of your site so that it is as easy to find and recognizable.
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Get familiar with the innovations in the digital world. Learn, discover, succeed!

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